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Slender Man
Appearance: Faceless, sometimes depicted as having flesh colored skin and other times (commonly) having pure white skin
stories: to many to say
Why he created the Proxy Group: He maybe a cold blooded killer but he has a conscience, he saw Jeff suffering, he offered him a spot in his group, he saw a woman named Kate, she was lost in the forest, starving, doing her "Ghost Hunting", he offered her a place and so on and so forth
Theme: Every Step You Take-The Police
Age: !?!?!


Appearance: Chelsey Grin, Pale face, Long black hair, Lidless eyes
Stories: Jeff the Killer, Jeff is Back
How he became a proxy: He was sitting in the forest sobbing, He killed his brother, his mother and his father. He heard a low voice that said "Child, don't cry, I could help you" Jeff looked around and took out his butcher knife. He saw slender man walking from the darkness. He offered him a spot in the Proxy Group. Jeff asked him what if he said no. of which slender man replied "then you can go back to your miserable life"
Proxy Type: Malevolent
Theme: Awaken-Disturbed
Age: 15

Eyeless Jack
Appearance: Blue mask with thin black hood.
Stories: Eyeless Jack, Eyeless Jack Experience
How he became a proxy: His parents were killed, and he had to feed on human flesh, well, organs. it was his birthday when he decided to go to a Halloween party to kill everyone, but he was beaten to the punch by The Slender Man, therefore he was given the sickness on accident. He was given the choice to be a proxy, he gladly obliged.
Proxy Type: Malevolent
Theme: Awake-Disturbed
age: 17

Appearance: Small, stuck with Link cosplay.
How he became a proxy: BEN was drowned by his alchoholic, drug addict father, after BEN got revenge (made his dad kill himself) he went around making people kill themselves, Slender Man heard of this and lured BEN, Slender Man said he acknowleged his skills and offered him a position as a sickness spreader, his reply was "I'm dead, I'm Bored, and I wanna have fun, so sure."
Proxy Type: Sickness Spreader
Theme: Numb-Drowning Pool
Age: 12

The Chaser

Appearance: A woman with a white hood and mask
stories: None, but appeared in Slender: The Arrival
How she became a proxy: She was lost in his forest, starving, thirsty, lost on her Ghost Hunt. Slender Man felt pity for her. He teleported in front of her and gave her a power and speed no one could've dreamed of.
Proxy: Malevolent
Theme: Violence Fetish-Disturbed
Age: 20

Appearance: An unusually tall Siberian Husky
Stories: Smile Dog
How he became a proxy: Not many people know this, but Smile.JPG is Slender Mans pet.
Proxy: Sickness Spreader
Theme: Down with the sickness-disturbed


Appearance: Black cloak, hooded, and blue grinning face
Stories: Shadow Lurker (by turokavenger4356), The Invitation, "You're not scared, Right?", Emily
How he became a proxy: He was at a turning point, Either Slender Man or Z͠͏a҉̸l͏͘g͏̵̶o҉́. but he wanted a boss who still had humanity. so he chose slenderman
Proxy: Right Hand man
Theme: Red Right Hand-Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds


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