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A demon was found around 1967. It was spotted in a child's bedroom. He said it was just staring at him with a cold expression. The child described it as a male. He carries a sickle. The child then found his parents dead two weeks later, he didn't know how they died. There were no cuts, bludgeon marks, they just looked pale. But the child also described his parents as abusive, so it is undetermined whether this demon is a friend or foe. It is presumed that this demon steals souls. The kid nicked named it "The BogeyMan" after the stories of a monster of the same name and behavior. But unlike the "BogeyMan" in the story, it targets parents instead of children. It has then been found at numerous places, children state that they see him staring at them out of half open closets, into their windows or from their bed. After said parents death the children become classified as "Insane" due to abnormal thinking patterns,  having craving for flesh and hideous night terrors. It is described to have wet black or dark brown hair, spirals in his eyes, a fanged scowl and black clothing. As kids grow to be mature, they stop seeing him. It is unknown whether he is uninterested in "protecting" older children or if he knows that smaller children are easier to make insane. If the children don't go insane, they become depressed. It is either found in little kids rooms or around their house. It is also implied that if looked into his eyes they cause temporary blindness. Some say that he is a scout of the devil.


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